The Royal Museums of Eyehasseen

The Royal Gallery of Art

The Royal Eyehasseen Gallery of Art

The Royal Gallery of Art houses the realm’s extensive collection of artworks in an always-changing exhibit. Although the primary focus of the museum is on impressionist/painterly landscapes and portraits, the collection also includes notable works in sculpture, assemblage, woodworks, and “found objects”. The current Director of the RMOA is Sir Arthur Bedford, who joined us after a 32 years as Professor of Art and Chairman of the Arts at Eyehasseen University in Avila.

The Royal Museum of History & Antiquities

The Royal Museum of History and Antiquities houses the realm’s most precious and exquisite historical artifacts, dating back more than 2,000 years. Many items relate directly to the kingdom, or to the realms that preceded the kingdom on these and other lands. The collection is curated by the Prime Minister and housed in several buildings and grounds around the royal palace.